Thursday 9 July 2015


After doing HF NFD a month earlier it was time to do VHF NFD for the first time in 25 years. I was invited to provide the 23cm station for GW2OP/P in West Wales along with G4BVY providing the 432MHz station. The station ran the Elecraft K3 with Internal 144MHz transverter driving a home built G4DDK transverter which drove my W6PQL  4 x MRF286 amplifier to 200W output (drive limited). The Masthead Preamp used a G4DDK VLNA. The antenna was a 44 element Wimo.

Takeoff SW over Caldey Island

The 23cm Station

The 44 ele Wimo Antenna

18 stations were worked in 10 locators. Best DX was GM4CXM at 479km.  Five beacons were heard Sunday morning. GB3MCB IO70 on tropo, GB3CSB (IO75) GB3DUN (IO91) GB3MHL (JO02) GB3ANG (IO86) all on aircraft scatter. I used the W3SZ AircraftScatter C# software which predicted very well and showed many more planes than I ever got with DL2ALF's  Airscout
One thing that did get my attention on the contest was that G4BVY's IC706mkIIg was able to monitor our 70MHz station. I had heard this was possible but never seen it in action. Seemed sensitive so will have to do it on mine. He said it only needed one diode removing