Sunday 9 August 2015

144MHz UKAC August 2015

Heading to the Blorenge straight after work I was greeted at the site by Driving rain and wind, not a great prospect. How wrong I was!
 Issues with The MHP cable meant that the Preamp and Anglian Transverter could not be used, so the system was quickly reconfigured 5 minutes before the start of the contest to use the K3 internal Transverter to feed the PA  and use the Transmit Cable for the antenna connection (the MHP fails to transmit)
Nothing for the first 3 minutes then it was wall to wall stations, a lot from mainland Europe. 83 were worked in the first hour, as many as worked previously in the complete contest. Conditions to the East faded out so we decided to try for multipliers to the North as GB3ANG was loud. No sign of life in JO03, IO64 and IO74 but GM4AFF and GM4JJJ from IO86 and GM6JNJ in IO75 called us with big signals
We ended up with 183 QSOs 48 multipliers for a total of around 2 Million points best DX was DK5QN in JO42 at 789km. The average QSO was 223km compared to the normal 184km.
Luckily the weather cleared by the time the contest finished. 

Pos Call         Loc       QSO Score Mult Total       ODX        kms
 1 GW0FRE/P IO81LS 181  41,207  48  1,977,936 DK5QN    789
 2 M0BUL/P   IO82OI  167  30,328  49  1,486,072 PA4VHF  652
 3 M1DDD/P  IO93CH 172  28,105  47  1,320,935 DK1MG   726

The result would have qualified for 2nd in the unrestricted section!

Pos Call          Loc        QSO Score Mult Total        ODX        kms
 1 G4CLA       IO92JL   234 43,096  57  2,456,472 DG7TG    733
 2 G4FZN/P    IO94JF   170 37,819   49 1,853,131 DK5DQ    662
 3 G4ODA      IO92WS 144 29,983   54 1,619,082 DG7TG    654