Saturday 5 November 2022


Having listened to the presentation by PA3FBX during the BATC Convention 2022 Part 2 about the F1EJP DATV-Easy 2.08 software, I thought I would give it a try.

The installation procedure is well described in "DATV-Easy-2.08-En.pdf"

First I needed to install OBS. This would be a learning experience having never used it before! I installed OBS 2.8 which meant I would need to install Droidcam for OBS as the virtual camera. 

I launched OBS and was met with complaints that Virtualcam for OBS could not be opened which was a mystery as I had installed Droidcam for OBS, After a lot of experimentation i discovered the solution was to delete Droidcam!

Next I installed DATV-Easy 2.08 which was easy. I then installed the Pluto driver. My Pluto (with F5OEO software was found. The callsign etc settings were changed. On starting to transmit, the left LED in the software lit, but the right one did not nor did the transport rate box change from zero. I eventually found out that DATV-Easy Encoder defaults to NVIDIA (which i didnt have)  so it needed to be changed to Soft(ware) With this change the second LED lit up, the transport rate got close to the expected value and a DVB-S2 signal was decoded

I confirmed that the maximum rate that could be supported by the software encoder is 333kHz. Next I need to investigate hardware encoders

This system is going to be fine for fixed station useage, but forget it when going portable, as it is very complicated and needs much hardware