Thursday 13 December 2018

RBTV Expedition to Titterstone Clee

To coincide with the BATC activity weekend on 9th December I decided to go and see what could be worked from Titterstone Clee, IO82QJ. especially as G8GTZ said he was going to Win  Hill IO80XH which would allow an attempt on the 71MHz RBTV UK Record. I also packed a 2m system

4m Antenna system 5 ele Powabeam at 5m
DVBS Signals from Noel were successfully received on 4m using the 71MHz/435MHz Nacton Transverter and Noel had little trouble seeing my transmission using the Portsdown to drive the Transverter, extending the UK distance record to 160km. I then took the 4m antenna down and put up the 2m antenna. I used the contest MHP with the HA8ET preamp that supplied some pre-selection for the minituner. Unfortunately the Portsdown Transmitter couldnt produce any 2m output, so I switched to the Adalm Pluto. This enabled me to generate a signal so Noel could see me and give me my 1st 2m DATV QSO

2m antenna system 9 ele Tonna @ 5m
The G8GTZ 2m signal from 160km