Saturday 17 June 2023

IARU TV Contest 2023 Day 1

 This year I decided to go somewhere closer to home. Titterstone Clee seemed a good choice  but the usual spot would be a bad choice as the path North was blocked and G8GTZ was threatening to be QRV on Meryton Low. There were a couple of spots on Hoar edge that looked useable. Mid morning I was on my way with 23cm 13cm 9cm 6cm 3cm and 24GHz,

Arriving on site after an easy journey I had a look and found a site in IO82

I worked G3VKV two way over a 65km on 13cm 9cm and 3cm On  6cm band Graham could receive me but I had no chance of receiving him through the local widehand WIFI QRM.

I had been monitoring the skies all afternoon as the forecast had been for storms. They were seen approaching from the South from the Hereford Direction, but they seemed to go either side of the location without dumping rain!

Noel then appeared from IO83AD On 13cm and 9cm I could receive him over the 92km path with a MER of 20dB. However he could not receive me. Turned out he had a receive issue. We tried narrowband on 10GHz which just about worked. I called Noel on 2m Talkback with no response, so after a 2m qso with a station who took pity on me calling G8GTZ for so long I packed up and headed home.

The homeward trip was challenging as there was localised flooding and tree branches on the road, Glad it missed the hill

Takeoff towards Titterstone Clee

9cm towards G3VKV

View South

View towards G8GTZ/P

The journey