Monday 11 June 2018

RIP Meg. Died 11 June 2018

 Meg Robinson 1947-2018 (G7FRE), M0FRE, (KB2NCP) N2NQI, 9H3MW

W2SZ/1 50MHz 1993

Thursday 7 June 2018

HF NFD 2018

Unable to go out portable for this years contest i decided to have a go in the fixed station with the remote MW2I station

The interesting part of the fixed section is that if the station worked is not a portable or is not a multiplier then it is valueless. Hence no point in calling cq and working streams of no point qsos

The K3 was used at 70W with the Cushcraft A3S 2.5 element tribander on 10/15/20 and the 80m dipole on 40/80/160m

The remotehams software was used to remote the k3 front panel and send the audio to the client computer. Remote desktop was used to run the N1MM logging software on the server computer. Keying was achieved witha K1EL winkey at the server end

 It was only possible to operate 11.5 hours during the contest but the goal of 100000 points was achieved:-

 Band     QSOs     Pts  DXC  Pt/Q
   1.8      32           248    7   7.8
   3.5      63           220   17   3.5
     7       52           182   18   3.5
    14      60           200   27   3.3
    21      50           136   26   2.7
    28      20             52   13   2.6
 Total     277         1038 108   3.7
Score: 112,104

The 80m dipole worked surprisingly well on 160m and 40m.
The result was better than expected 6th in the fixed section (4th UK station), not bad for 11.5 hours!