Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Time for faster WIFI

For many years now I have been using a Linksys WRT54G  802.11b/g wireless router. My IPAD supports the faster 802.11g mode which I am also going to need for remotely using my HPSDR and my Elecraft K3.

A search of the Internet revealed that Newegg had a refurnished Linksys WRT120N for $20 shipped so I ordered one. Today it arrived. It came with an installation disc, however despite many hours of attempts to get the wireless working, I could not get anywhere. Resuming the attempt after lunch, investigations showed I couldnt find my own DNS when connected wirelessly. I eventually hard wired the computer to the router, when a wizzard appeared,  after running which I could browse the internet. Reverting to WIFI I could now browse the internet and ping my DNS. Most strange

Having gone through this the good news is that the WIFI speed has indeed increased, so the effort was worthwhile.

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