Sunday 22 September 2013

PAC-12 Antenna

Antenna in use at rear of apartment block

I spent some time looking for a cheap antenna for portable expeditions. The wire in the tree is OK but not repeatable. Looked at the buddipole but that needed a support mast and $250.

A while ago I built my Version of the NJQRP PAC-12 antenna which was now in England. Decided It was time to build another one

Most of the items needed were available by walking to the local hardware store and Radioshack. The whip section was the one I got from Buddipole, strengthened with the ferrules I bought from them at Hamcom

I made a couple of alterations to the original design, mainly in the way of interfacing the UHF connector to the antenna using an electrical conduit boxes.

Full details of how i built this one will be on my web page shortly. The parts including a new whip cost $45
Feed point

15m with radials

15m coil

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