Saturday 13 September 2014

50MHz RF survey of the Malvern Hills

After operation from Black Hill last weekend I decided to see how it compared with the other hills in the Malvern Hill Range. On Summer Saturdays there is a Bus from Worcester to Ledbury that stops at British Camp (which avoids the need of doing a round trip along the hills) to get to a car parked at British Camp. The bus stops next weekend so this was the weekend to try it. It was also good exercise being about 8km walk in total and rising to 1400'

As there was no contest this weekend comparison would have to be by looking at 6m and 2m beacons. Again using the KX3, but this time with the 6m extension on the whip antenna. The following is a summary of the 6m results

Black Hill GB3BUX 529 , GB3BAA 539, GB3MCB 549, GB3RAL 529
Pinnacle Hill GB3BUX 549 , GB3BAA 549, GB3MCB 559, GB3RAL 539
Jubilee Hill GB3BUX 519 , GB3BAA 539, GB3RAL 529
Worcester Beacon GB3BUX 519 , GB3BAA 539, GB3RAL 519
North Hill. GB3BUX 549 , GB3BAA 539, GB3RAL 519

GB3VHF on 2m  being to the East of all of the hills did not vary in signal strength. GB3BAA and GB3RAL similarly  are to the East and were little affected by location. I was a little surprised that RAL was consistently weaker than BAA. GB3MCB is South West and on any hill North of Pinnacle hill is blocked by the other hills hence its no show.
Pinnacle Hill looking South from Perseverance hill
Worcester Beacon looking North from Perseverance hill

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