Friday, February 27, 2015

Anglian 4m Transverter

Having had success with the 2m Anglian I decided it was time to finish its cousin the 4m Anglian Transverter . I also put the tinplate box module  in a cabinet along with the 7W power module mounted on a heatsink on the back panel, using the same metal box from  A metal chassis plate was needed for the inside of the box to mount the modules on, I found some aluminium sheet on ebay that could be supplied cut to size. Note that as supplied there is a lot of "paint to paint" contact between the metal box parts, so a lot of scraping was done to get "metal to metal" contact to help screening. To further help, a piece of Aluminium angle was mounted between the back panel and the chassis plate (as can be seen in the upper picture:-

The transverter was setup so that 0.5mW from the K3 on 10m produced 6W on 70MHz, which is the ideal drive level for my amplifier which has an internal 3dB Attenuator

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