Monday, March 30, 2015

Feature upgrades for the 144MHz Solidstate Amplifier

Having got the 2m Anglian up and running it was time to  interface it to the 400W solidstate Amplifier.  Two features were needed:-

1. There is no bypass position, so one cannot test the antenna SWR before letting the amplifier use it. This cost of the lack of this feature was learnt the hard way on my 70MHz amplifier
2. Currently the Elecraft K3 keys the amplifier which sequences the antenna relays and preamplifier. There is no output to properly sequence the Anglian Transverter along with the antenna relays and preamplifier.

A bypass switch was added to the front panel along with a bypass LED. A phono socket was added to the back panel for the Transverter output. An hour was spent adjusting the PIC code and all feature additions were accommodated. Also incorporated was the LCD showing the alarm trigger levels at amplifier startup

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