Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Using RCFOrb On a Nexus 7

Having Used RCFOrb for a while on my laptop as mentioned in my blog I was keen to try the Android Version to control the K3. The Christmas holiday gave me the opportunity.

Download and installation was easy. Setting up the server information in the app was just like the windows version. HF bands were a bit quiet but there was a 4m contest on so used it to have a couple of QSOS. 


  1. Unfortunately it doesn't work with your K3 microwave interface. The new commands mess up the switching.

    1. Correct. RCFORB uses the protocol the K3 produces when in terminal mode, which is a binary code not cat commands. I know this as a recent version of RCFORB server left it in this mode when closing the software and N1MM couldnt communicate through CAT commands till the K3 was power cycled

    2. Any idea how to fix it? Presumably the same thing would happen with the Elecraft K0 - I would like to get my microwave system remote controlled.

    3. not until Elecraft publish the details of the remote protocol! I now use a KMTRONIC usb relay board hanging off the server computer to do all my band switching.