Sunday 16 December 2012

ADS-B using the R820T USB Dongle and VirtualRadar

Having managed to produce the Data I also wanted to try displaying it with virtual radar. This is available from  To use it with ADSB# server some parameters have to be changed under options. Data source to "AVR or Beast raw feed", Address to and port to 47806

Start ADSB# first 

then Start Virtual radar which will show incoming activity

To see the data in map format click on the link to The following is the map after running for a few hours showing the airplane tracks; not surprisingly all to the east of me. Currently 39 planes are being tracked:-

Looking back at the virtualradar window the above "connection" can now be seen listed:-

Comparing the plots produced by the same data using Virtualradar and PlanePlotter Planeplotter captures more planes, but it is not free! 

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