Sunday, December 16, 2012

ADS-B using the R820T USB Dongle and PlanePlotter

G4VXE recently alerted me to software capable of producing ADS-B data under windows I downloaded the executable and after installing the R820T driver using Zadiq from we were in business. Connecting the homebrew 1090MHz colinear on the window ledge data packets were being produced.

Note that the driver only needs installing once, not as some have tried after every reboot

Next we needed something to display the data

I already had the paid for planeplotter installed on the computer so I would try that first. A couple of changes to the setup used with the Modesbeast were needed. The mode S receiver option needs setting to "AVR receiver"

The IP address and port then needs to be set:-

Finally the input/output settings need to be set to AVR receiver TCP

Planeplotter was started and left running for 6 hours:-

Not as good as the ModeSbeast but very good for the price of the USB dongle.

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