Sunday, January 27, 2013

Raspberry Pi Laptop!

Although the RPI is small, by the time keyboard, mouse and HDMI display has been added its quite a big setup

Searching the internet I found information  on how to use a Motorola Atrix Lapdock as a display/keyboard/display for the RPI. They were originally intended as a "docking station" for the Motorola Atrix Android phone and cost around $250. They never really caught on,  so they are available on the internet for a greatly reduced price, I paid $50 (shipped) for mine.

The unit has an external charger for the onboard battery, which can be used to power the RPI. On the back panel are a pair of FEMALE type A USB connectors, a MALE micro USB connector  and a MALE micro HDMI connector.

3 cable systems are needed for the RPI:- USB, Power and HDMI

I managed to source a female to female micro HDMI adaptor and a short MALE micro HDMI to MALE regular HDMI  connector that plugs into the RPI. HDMI socket

I also obtained a FEMALE micro USB to MALE type A USB cable which allows me to take care of the RPI USB connection

I then assembled the power cable harness. I used another FEMALE  micro  USB to USB cable and spliced into it a MALE micro USB  connector cable that plugs into the RPI power connector

All was all connected together, an SD card with the latest debian release was inserted,  the Lapdock saw the HDMI activity and the display showed the RPI boot sequence. Success!

When finished booting, I then plugged in the USB wifi adaptor that normally fits into the RPI into the USB connector on the back of the Lapdock. and rebooted. It connected fine to my Wifi so we were in business

To test the Video quality i installed XBMC on an SD card and configured it

I then  looked at tidying up the cables. Accidentally I found out that if a micro female USB connected to the lapdock was connected directly to the regular sized USB port on the RPI the RPI was powered up AND it still saw the USB wifi dongle on the Lapdock

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