Sunday, June 2, 2013

Elgin B Roberson State Park and 6m dx

The forecasted storms did not materialise Sunday morning so it was time to visit another state park and get some fresh air. Looking at the map I decided on the Elgin B Roberson (South) State Park which is on Interstate 30 SE of Dallas in EM12. Examining the lake I found a length of fishing line which I  used to suspend my longwire from a tree. The rig had been left on 6m, so I was surprised to hear beacons when I turned on:- W0DMK (DM49), WR7NV (DM25), W7RV (DM35) N7JW (DM37) and K7VLS (DN24) were all heard at good strength. Listening in the SSB area I found K0YW (DM67)  a station I had previously worked off the moon who came back first call, I also worked on SSB AC7FL (DM33, ex brit) N7AMA (DM33). K6LL (DM26) KS7S (DM41) N3AIU(DM45)  W7ZR(DM24) were also worked on CW. Not bad for a 60' end fed wire. It did prove the KX3 ATU works on 6m. Grid is EM12RU

I also worked HC2AO on 17m CW before heading home

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