Sunday, June 16, 2013

Radio Goodies Arrive

The USPS had a busy day delivering today!

The new side panels for the KX3 arrived and took only 5 minutes to fit (including finding the correct screwdriver). The perspex cover is on backorder but the side panels are already protecting the knobs

The "knurled whip" sleeves arrived from Budipole and now the whip on my active antenna doesnt wave around. I might be persuaded to make another PAC-12 Antenna now as it will be more robust.

The DFS30 multiplier to be used as part of the new W5HN 6m arrived from G4HUP in England in an impressive 4 days (faster than I get mail from Austin 200 miles south!)

Finally an MFJ 6m folded dipole arrived so I can test out the 6m beacon and keep an eye on the band!

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