Monday, August 26, 2013

Fort Worth Nature Centre and Refuge

While in Fort Worth for the FTWSO concert series I looked for a place to go exploring on the Sunday Morning. Searching the internet I came across the Fort Worth Nature Center and refuge which had some creatures, scenic drives and trails. It is off the Jacksboro highway, NW of downtown Fort Worth.

Having paid my $5 admission i made straight for the Visitor centre. I did two walks centred there Caprock at 0.5 miles and Limestone Ledge at 0.2 miles. They also have two owls in the refuge, both hit by cars, a greater horned owl and a barred owl

I then drove to the boardwalk which is supposed to be a walk over the marshes over Lake Worth. Unfortunately it being August in Texas it was completely dry with no water in sight

The car park (EM12GU) was quite empty so a wire was thrown into a tree and the KX3 activated. A couple of stations were worked in the KS QSO party on 20m 1548 NoU/ALL 1549 W0U/SHA but the bands were quite dead and it was way too hot to operate from a car for any length of time.
The final visit was to the road named "Buffalo drive". Unlike earlier, when driving to the visitor center on this visit there were plenty of brown buffalos and also the rarer white ones

 By now it was noon and time to head for lunch and then to Bass hall

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