Monday 5 August 2013

RPI R820T RTL2832 SDR Server

As a way of keeping an eye on conditions i have taken to installing the rtlsdr dongle out on the balcony hooked up to a 50MHz dipole and using the Dell laptop as a display sitting on a chair. The weather in Dallas has returned to Summer normal about a week ago after having a week of mainly rain so 100degrees F plus is now the normal. Too hot to sit out on the balcony and look at the bands, There had to be a better solution

Searching the Internet I came across a page by EB1HBK "Receptor SDR remoto con Raspberry Pi"
on how to set up a raspberry pi as an RTLSDR remote server. The pages are in Spanish but despite having had my Spanish corrupted by Mexican Spanish I managed to work it all out and get it up and running

The RPI sits out on the balcony with RTL-SDR and power supplied through the USB hub from a 5V 4A PSU acting as a server. It is connected  via an ethernet cable to the router. The server can be started remotely using SSH through the Putty programme

The laptop in the airconditioned apartment runs sdrsharp. In SDR Sharp the device is set to "RTL-SDR TCP" with the IP of the RPI ( and the default port of 1234

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