Tuesday 21 January 2014

Intel Galileo: Super charged Arduino

Last November I came across the Intel Galileo Board which can be considered as a "Super-charged arduino" For starters it has a 32 bit 400MHz CPU.

Also onboard:-

Ethernet port
Microsd card slot
USB Host Port
USB Device Port
Full PCI Express mini card slot
2nd serial port

Any of these as a shield (Yes Galileo has the connectors for an Arduino shield board) would cost the price of the Galileo.

I ordered one from Mouser Nov 20 for $69.99+shipping. It was on backorder with a delivery date on Jan 19, much the same as everywhere else. I checked with them Jan 6, they were still quoting Jan 19. Checked online Jan 17, delivery slipped to Feb 10, so I started to look elsewhere! I found Newegg had them in stock for only $59.99 shipped so I ordered one. It arrived 2 days later, great service!

It came with a power supply (with adaptors for different worldwide mains plugs, The quickstart guide had to be downloaded from the Internet (no CD provided)

Managed to load the usual "flash the LED" code and make it work through the IDE. I also managed to programme an AVR needed for another project through the Evilmadscientist.com ISP shield

I ordered a mini PCIe WIFI Card for the next round of experiments, but other projects call!
Galileo Board with Quarter for Scale

With AVR Programming shield

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