Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Auto External Reference switching for the ANAN-10 HPSDR

Over the period I have owned the Anan-10 SDR Transceiver the only issue for me has been that to use an external 10MHz reference it has to be taken apart and links changed, which runs the risk of damaging the tiny RF cables. Last August G8ONH/G7OCD mentioned on the OpenHPSDR reflector they were working on a small PCB to be mounted in the ANAN-10 that would automatically switch the ANAN-10 to use the external reference when one is plugged in. This week I managed to obtain a board and set about installing it.
The board is very small:-
PCB size compared to a quarter
ANAN-10 Innards before Installation
All I had to do was plug the 4 headers into PCB and solder the pins to the PCB:-

PCB after Installation
 The 2 ho;es on the PCB are to allow a jumper to be fitted to ground the SMA connector "outer". A header wasn't supplied so I fitted a right angle 2 pin male connector to the PCB and used one of the now "spare" jumpers  on it
Jumper block added
Including assembling/disassembling the ANAN-10 and putting the board in place it took only 15 minutes to complete. 
My Rubidium drives a DEMI 10-4 four way 10MHz splitter. Attenuating the output with 50Ohm attenuators the minimum level to achieve "autoswitch" was -3dBm which is just fine for my setup
Note that when using the board NOTHING needs to be done to the PowerSDR settings to accommodate the board.
The kits are now available at Jasons web site

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