Friday, May 2, 2014

MTR3 kit

Steve KD1JV is a prolific producer of compact rigs for mountain topping. A few years ago I bought and built an ATS3 and an ATS4 5 band rigs which were great fun, Unfortunately I sold them to finance the KX3.

I really miss them, so was excited when Steve announced that he was going to do another run of 150 Triband MTR (mountain top radios, AKA MTR3). The sale was the usual "first come first served" after the web page was launched, but I was lucky enough to get one of the kits. When the kit arrived it sure was small, it makes the KX3 look enormous!:-

Shortly after it arrived Steve announced he was sending all buyers an updated cpu chip to fix a bug, so I waited for that to arrive before starting construction to avoid having to desolder the original chip. I decided to build it for 40/30/20m. Building it took around 3 hours, including alignment. It was christened with a couple of QSOs on 20m using the Alexloop antenna Comparing the two,  I prefer the ATS due to its lcd frequency display avoiding the need to memorise the scrolling digits on the lcd display, but the MTR3 is much smaller!

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