Saturday, August 9, 2014

KX3-2M KX3 144MHz Internal Transverter

The KX3-2m module is lower left
I ordered this during Dayton and it arrived this week after a 3 month wait. It took about 20 minutes to fit into the KX3. Measurements showed 2.5W output off 13.8V and the W5HN/B beacon was audible on a whip attached to the SMA antenna connector, so sensitivity seems ok.

I originally also ordered a 4m transverter module, but after seeing warnings about the limited number of times the two RF cables interconnecting the modules to the KX3 could be plugged/unplugged, I gave up on the idea cancelled the order and reverted to the external 70MHz DEMI Transverter
Closeup of KX3-2m module

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