Sunday, August 31, 2014

Telford Rally Weekend

This weekend was the annual Telford Radio Rally that is held at the The Enginuity museum at the Ironbridge Gorge. This area also has a lot of interesting museums so it was decided to make a weekend of it. We drove up Saturday morning, following the Tom Tom route that was an alternate to the motorways which visited lots of back roads and no towns! First we went to the Coalport China museum, then the Tar tunnel and finally the Jackfield Tile museum before retiring.
Sunday morning we followed the very noticeable Fluorescent road signs to the rally and parked in the adjacent AGA works (of stove fame)  to the Enginuity complex.
M0FRE at the entrance to the Rally

There were a selection of stands outside in the courtyard and more in an inside hall. I bought a 12v 7AH SLAB to power the KX3, guy rope, an EF183 (for my PW 6AF11 RX) and an 8W 6cm amplifier (from the G3OHM club stand). I did resist the British Tube tester for 250 pounds! I spoke with Gordon, G8PNN who I had not seen since staying overnight at his place on the way back from the GB2YS/GB2ZR expedition in Aug 1986...he still remembered the car I had at that time!

After the rally we walked uphill to the Darby House museum which were also very interesting. On the way back to the car we noticed the date the Rally building was built, you never see such age at USA hamfests! 

When we got back to the Rally car park we were the last car there:-

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