Tuesday 22 September 2020

BATC 2020 50/70MHz Contest

beaming at G4CPE, Malvern hills on horizon

Having participated in the BATC 144/432 MHz contest (and won it) It was time to think of the upcoming 50/70 MHz contest. Originally slated  for September 19 and 20, after I pointed that the sunday clashed with the RSGB 70 MHz AFS contest it was changed by BATC to a saturday 1300 to 1900 contest. As the IO82lB site, used for the 144/432 contest has interference on 70MHz somewhere else was needed. The previously used IO82QL Titterstone clee site was chosen

The thought of putting up a 5 ele on  6m and a 5 ele on 4m was discounted  quickly. I remembered that back in 2014 I bought an Innovantennas  dualband 4 ele on 6m and 4 ele on 4m antenna so that was unpacked (for the 1st time) The assembly manual wasnt very helpful, but a few emails to Justin got the answers. The boom and 4m elements fitted in my car, but one end of the 6m elements had to removed so it would fit.

Arriving on the site around 1000 it was found to be very very windy. The HF dipoles of the IOTA contestants were blowing all over the place. The possibilty of not being able to put up the antennas (one for the 50/70MHz yagi one for the 144/432 talkback colinear) was considered. As a test the 4/6m antenna was assembled on the mast and eventually raised to the skies. The swr was 1.8:1 on 6m and 2:1 on 4m but this was not a day to adjust antennas. It ws decided another mast was too risky so 2m talkback ideas were abandoned!

Had a 2 way on 4m with G8GTZ (MER15) Tried on 6m, Noel copied my signal easily but due to loud interference coming from the radio station at the bottom of the band I struggled to receive him, but eventually I copied him at 66ks near the top of the band (for my only 2 way QSO). Worked G0MJW on 4m (MER6). Due to the fine work of Noel acting as a Zello to 2m transponder, hooked up with G8VPG and had a 2 way with him on 4m (MER 16) When he turned his beam on noel he was still MER8 with me! Tried 4m and 6m with M0DTS with no luck, but my 4m signal was detected!. Worked Arthur G4CPE (for the 1st time!) on 4m (MER peaked at 7.5) at 156km for my best DX. He could not copy my 6m, probably due to cross polarised antennas. Copied Noel at MER6 when he transmitted 4m at Arthur! Managed to get my 6m received by G0MJW in the final act of the day

On 4m used Portsdown 2019 +modified G4DDK nacton 437/71MHz transverter + MITSUBISHI brick (20W) +minituner. On 6m Portsdown 2019 +modified G4DDK nacton 437/51MHz transverter + 7w MITSUBISHI brick+LDMOS amp (150W; the bigger amp is locked down in wales)+ minituner

G8VPG/P 120km on 4m showing intended loc.

G4CPE 156km on 4m

G8GTZ/P 141km on 4m

G4MJW 127km on 4m

The results  were subsequently published and came as a bit of a surprise with a win and a trophy!

Low Band 2020.gif

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