Saturday, September 22, 2012

Multiband 13cm Transverter

One of the issues with 13cm EME is that more than one frequency band is in use. Europe (mainly) uses 2320MHz. Australia uses 2301MHz. USA uses 2304MHz. Japan uses 2424MHz, To work Europe from the USA one transmits on 2304MHz and receives on 2320MHz.  Until recently I used a 2304/144MHz with an FT847. 2304Mhz converts to 144MHz and 2320MHz converts to 160MHz on which the FT847 can operate. Having disposed of the FT847 and now I use the Elecraft K3 which only works from 144 to 148MHz it was time to  work on another solution

About 6 months ago I started on a suitable transverter based on some components I had lying around. A packaged mixer, 3.9GHz filter that retunes to 13cm, spare 13cm preamp and a DEMI TCK. Today I actually finished it. It produces 50mW and has a 0.9dB noise figure. It has an internal 10MHz crystal oscillator and provision to use an external GPS derived 10MHz reference. Provision was made to work crossband, the receive and transmit local oscillator frequencies are set with a pair of rotary switches

Transverter Front Panel View

Transverter Top View

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