Sunday, September 9, 2012

QtRadio and the HPSDR

With the passing of the Labor day holiday, which traditionally marks the end of Summer in the USA it was time to think of the upcoming LF season. I usually use the HPSDR to receive as it goes down to 100kHz but I want this year to see what is happening on 500kHz from around the house (ie outside the shack). Browsing the openhpsdr web site I noticed the ghpsdr3-Qt software which can operate on a server client basis. There are 3 parts to the software,  QtHPSDRServer, which connects to the HPSDR, QtDSPServer  and QtRadio which provides the GUI and audio. All three programmes can be on the same machine, attached to the HPSDR or   QtHPSDRServer and QtDSPServer can be on the HPSDR attached machine and Qt Radio on another machine somewhere else in the Internet cloud

Firstly I unlocked the specified the UDP and TCP ports that would be needed for remote connection

The ghpsdr3-Qt Windows Binaries prepared by KV0S was downloaded and ran. QtHPSDRServer was run but no connection to HPSDR started. It seemed to be looking on a strange IP for the HPSDR which I found specified in QtHPSDRServer.ini supplied in the package.  I deleted the .ini file and it generated a new one. Still no connection and the discovery process didnt work.  Two hours later I found that even though I only have one LAN port on my machine called "Local Area Connection" I had to name it in the .ini file ("interface=Local Area Connection")  Having done this discovery worked and QtHPSDRServer connected to the HPSDR. Progress.

Next I tried launching QtDSPServer from the command line but QtHPSDRServer could not find it. It wasnt until I checked the "autostart QtHPSDRServer" and "autostart QTDSPServer" in QtHPSDRServer that connection was established on launching QtHPSDRServer. Note QtDSPServer has no .ini file as, being on the same machine as QtHPSDRServer it communicates via localhost IP (

After adding the machines IP to QtRadio.ini and launching and starting QtRadio we had action. I could hear stations and tune the band on 40m.

I never worked out how to use the keypad dropdown to set frequency but that was a minor inconvenience

I then installed QtRadio on my laptop and could connect to the HPSDR from around the house. Mission Accomplished.I must thank KV0S for answering my email questions on QtRadio.

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