Friday, September 7, 2012

Raspberry Pi Arrives but Beaglebone gets used!

I ordered the base unit with no accessories as I thought I had what was needed already in my collection. It was ordered from MCM Electronics on Sept 2. Despatch notification was received on Sept 4 and it was on my doorstep  Sept 6. So much for long delivery times!

I built the default OS on an 8GB SDHC card under windows using the instructions at This proved to be much less problematic that expected. Then I went to power up the board. However hard I looked I could not find a USB A to micro USB B cable which was needed to power up the RPI.  I can see a visit to the local computer shop tomorrow.

I did discover a "Basic" for the Raspberry Pi called DexBasic The IDE for this has similarities to the one for the Arduino which I have used a lot. The link also has tutorial. I did manage to complete the Intro page tutorial and put it on a 1GB SDHC card, but will have to wait until I get the power lead to see the result

While waiting I decided to try out the Beaglebone. It is a rev 6 board. Searching the Internet I found some tutorials from adafruit Unfortunately the instructions for installing the USB drivers are for Rev5 boards and I was left with complaints that drivers for an SUBARTIC  USB device had not been installed and beeps every minute. So I disabled it while I find out why. Undeterred I continued with the Ethernet tutorial which went fine. I must wait to try out the WiFi tutorial until the module used comes back in stock

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