Thursday, 22 November 2012

Digital modes at Thanksgiving

Being Thanksgiving today time for some radio. I dusted off my ARDMEPT trannsmitter which is capable of multiband WSPR and QRSS running 250mW. Having the HF6V multiband Vertical switching antennas between bands was not an issue
I loaded the code for QRSS on 30m  30m WSPR and 10m WSPR. The results were interesting:-

10m WSPR
One station in England (G4HZW), two in Australia (VK7BO, VK2ZMT),  the rest in North America

30m WSPR
One station in Venezuela, the rest in North America

 Due to issues with grabbers hosted on I used the new grabber in New mexico at

30m WSPR received in New Mexico

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