Sunday, November 4, 2012

WSJT on Raspberry Pi using Raspbian

After the previous success on WSJT on UBUNTU it was next time to try WSJT on the Raspberry Pi. It only needed a few tweaks, all related to where portaudio19 was installed on the RPI:-

 svn co svn://

 cd ../trunk

./configure --with-portaudio-include-dir=/usr/include --with-portaudio-lib-dir=/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf

it did a whole load of things starting at "Compiling wsjt" and ended with "Installing into: /usr/local"

still in trunk:-:

make clean


after it finishes make sure you have permissions to execute  ../trunk/

sudo chmod 777

Even though the serial port isnt used, WSJT still tries to talk to it so make sure /dev/ttyAMA0 permissions are set appropriately

to launch WSJT:-


Set the options. Make sure that the serial port is set to /dev/ttyAMA0, which is not the default

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