Thursday, 22 November 2012

500kHz in USA

From the LF reflectors I had noticed new LF licences had been issued in the USA and new modes had appeared so it was time to take a look with my HPSDR and DX-B wire antenna

Monday night I looked on 474.2kHz and saw a signal from WG2XIQ (identified by his 12wpm ID) but couldnt decode as WSPR or the new JT9-2 digital mode, indeed they didnt look on the panadaptor like either mode. It was late so I switched off

Tuesday morning I tried the setup on 30m QRSS and noticed a lot of jitter on the Argo display. I was suspicious of the VAC connection between PowerSDR and WSJT-X so I ran a cable from the headphone output of the HPSDR to the computer mic input. QRSS looked fine and was easy to copy

Tuesday evening listened on WSPR on 474.2MHz. saw 2 signals

WG2XIQ in Fort Worth 0520 to 1432z

121121 814 30 0 -0.5 0.475686 WG2XIQ EM12 30 0 1 0

WG2XJM in PA from 0606 to 1156z

121121  820  8    -24      -0.5  0.475775  WG2XJM  EN91    37      0       1       0

Wednesday evening listened on the new JT9-2 (-2 is 2 second transmissions) on 474.2MHz. saw 2 signals

WG2XIQ in Fort Worth 2352 to 0532z


WG2XJM in PA was also seen at -33dB at 0254.

I also heard the "local" WD2XSH/6 and WD2XSH/7 beacons and the WD2XSH/31 beacon in Virginia

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