Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Picuntu on the MK808 part 1

Having had a play with Android on the MK808, I decided I needed to install Ubuntu so I could install WSPR and WSJT

Searching the net I discovered there is a reduced version of Ubuntu 12.10 called Picuntu see . that can be used with the MK808. You put Picuntu on a micro SDHC,  having declared it as a recovery device and boot from it, so you can still use it on Android

I also discovered there is a version of Android that can be loaded on the MK808 that  has some improvements, has the code to boot from recovery, has root priveledges, has "reboot from recovery" built in,  and makes more memory available.  see It was installed with the instructions in the ROMS readme file. When the MK808 was booted it came up in Android mode and it had wifi once i made sure the wifi interface was eth0

Next it was time to write the picuntu image to the microsdhc card. I found a technique at Put the card in the MK808 slot, rebooted in recovery mode. It objected saying damaged card. Powered off, tried again same problem. Lots of messing around until it finally rebooted into Picuntu, the only issue was there was no sign of Android any more! The terminal window did not fit the TV screen (command line was 6" off bottom of screen) which was a challenge and no wifi.  Lots of things were tried to get wifi until i came across a posting on

@alxkos Without quotes, 

write "bcm40181" to /etc/modules, 

then change  /etc/network/interfaces to :-

auto lo iface lo inet loopback
auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp
wpa-ssid mySSID
wpa-psk myPassword
To reconnect type in terminal: sudo service networking restart

This worked and no i had wifi to do apt-get update. I also tried to install gnome desktop, but after 2 hours it installed, looked ok, but when it rebooted it complained it was running in low res, gave me some boxes to click on to try and fix the issue but none could be clicked on. Same issue when i rebooted. Time for a rest!

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