Thursday, 7 February 2013

Picuntu on the MK808 part 2

The first task was to get Android back. The reset to flash load button didnt seem to work so I took the cover off. Bit of plastic was jamming the switch, soon removed. While there I took some pictures.

The other half of the case has the second wifi antenna

RK3066 with heat spreader removed

After reassembly, luckily the original rom image for the MK808 is available at so I applied that to the MK808 using the procedure they state and Android was back up and running.

I then took a further look at the miniand,com web site especially the complete process document. so I went all the way through, installing their recovery image along the way

Booted the MK808 in Android. opened terminal window, did "su" followed by "reboot recovery" and it started to boot in what looked like Ubuntu. Again no wifi, fixed using the process in the previous post and command line was off bottom of screen. Did updates, still no joy

I did try the "faulty image" sd from last night and it booted fine, but still had the same issues

Searching the web I then came across an 8GB image of picuntu RC0.9 "picuntu-linuxroot-0.9-RC2.2.img" which had everything already in the image. Tried burning it to an 8GB micro sdhc card, using win32 image writer but it refused. saying card was too small. Tried a patriot sd card, same issue. Luckily I had a 16GB card so I put the image on there without problem.

Powered up in Android, did reboot recovery and up came Picuntu, with the Xubuntu desktop displaying a picture that fitted the screen. Opened terminal window, could actually see what I was typing. Progress indeed.

Good news was that when rebooted the MK808 came back up in Android. Quit while ahead, WSJT and WSPR can wait until tomorrow!

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