Tuesday, 12 February 2013

WSPR on the MK808 under Picuntu...Not Recommended

Time to try WSPR on the MK808 under Picuntu. Using the same method as previously used it installed without issue. I plugged in the IMIC and let it run on 20m

First thing I noted was that the waterfall display was flickering and alternating between two completely different displays. The second thing I noticed was that the "sound card calibration values" at the bottom left of the screen were not at their normal 1.00 ish but were at around 0.5. Not surprisingly I got no decodes. I tried adjusting a whole load of settings but still no decodes. I tried the IMIC under Ubuntu and it worked fine. Time to move on to other projects.

The other issue with Picuntu is its screen resolution. It ONLY supports 1080P mode so if you have an HDMI display with any other resolution it looks terrible, text looks particularily badly defocussed. Especially bad was.the display when I hooked the MK808 up to the Lapdocks HDMI input.

Until things improve, (I hear RC3.0 is on the way) WSPR on the MK808 is  not recommended!

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