Monday 11 November 2013

G4DDK Nacton 70MHz Transverter

While over in England a month ago I managed to get one of the Beta short kits for Sams new 70/28MHz Transverter, the subject of his talk at the RSGB HF Convention in mid October. It is also described here. The hard to get components Sam supplied,  but the rest were all obtained from Mouser electronics

Took a couple of evenings to build and align. Interfacing with my Anan-10 SDR was easy as the xverter has split 28MHz input/output. Output was measured at 21dBm and the gain was 16dB, very much to specification.

I had hoped to put it in a German tinplate box to shield it from the Amplifier module but it is too small. Will have to rethink the housing.

Next task is to build an amplifier to provide sufficient drive to drive my 300W solidstate amplifier for the band.

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