Friday, November 1, 2013

WWVB reception on 60kHz

Having built the WA1ZMS loop, I was intrigued to see how low in frequency it would work without retuning. The lowest frequency signal I could think of seeing a signal was WWVB on 60kHz so i set the ANAN-10 to that frequency

There was a good signal and it did what WWVB should do (there is no voice or cw id on WWVB)

I then searched the internet for a decoder. There were a lot of hardware decoders but very few that could decode audio input to the soundcard. I then found clock1.1 from F6CTE which was easy to install and has a choice of time signals it can decode:-

One point to note is that after being installed the programme auto launches into a calibration routine for 3 minutes during which time there is no spectrum display. Make sure the frequency matches the frequency of the incoming audio tone. The following shows a complete time sequence reception:-

Admittedly this solution is not the most cost effective. Last year I picked up an Oregon scientific WWVB clock, with LCD display and alarm functions for $1 from the local charity shop!

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