Friday 29 November 2013

Portable display for the Beaglebone Spectrum Analyser

Finally got round to trying to put the 7" LCD display in a case. Went to the local Radioshack and found they had  Project Enclosures (8x6x3") as part number 270-1809 for $9. The display was mounted in the base of the unit after cutting out a hole just big enough for the display area. The interface board was mounted on the bottom wall with the connectors showing through a hole cut in the box "lid". The switch PCB was mounted on the right side wall. Currently the switches are pressed with a paperclip until i can find some real switch caps. Took about an hour with a drill and file without a vice to hold it in on the apartment balcony! Good exercise after the Thanksgiving Turkey!

The beaglebone black spectrum analyser is now portable!

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