Thursday, February 6, 2014

A night on LF

Having repaired the wind damage to my WA1ZMS loop I thought I would take a listen around 500kHz

Using the loop to the Anan-10 with W5WC mrx software and wspr from K1JT I could see some local signals on wspr and the multimode signals (cw and psk) from WD2XSH/7 in LA. I quickly decoded the local signals as  WG2XXM (a new state for me OK!)  and WG2XIQ.

I then decided to hook up the anan headphone output to the Nexus 7 and see if Droidpsk could decode the PSK signal (while still decoding WSPR on the PC)

WD2XSH/7 is the signal in the green box. WG2XIQ is the signal at the 5 marker, WG2XXM is the signal slightly hf of WG2XIQ. You can see they are timed WSPR signals (but not decode them on android!)

I left it running for a while and started to see two more signals, WD2XSH/12 in CO (DM79) at 1092km and the best (WSPR) dx WG2XJM in EN91 at 1746km

I then had a listen on cw and heard WD2XSH/31 in VA again at 1651km   Signals faded out at 1236z, WD2XSH/12 in CO was the last signal seen

Not bad for an 8 turn loop!

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