Sunday 27 June 2021

47 & 76 GHz outing to Notgrove IO91BV

 Originally I had booked the afternoon of Friday 25th June off work to go and watch a worcester T20 cricket game, but my ticket was cancelled due to covid restrictions. The question was what to do with the spare time? The answer was to persuade Noel G8GTZ to go out portable so we could try the Notgrove to Combe Gibbet path on 47 / 76 GHz, something we didnt really have time to try in the IARU 2021 contest

Noel managed to receive my pictures on both 47 and 76 GHz but I could not receive his DATV signals in the reverse direction. We did however manage an SSB QSO on 47GHz over the 67km path

The path towards IO91GI from IO91BV

My 47GHz signal as received by Noel

My 76GHz signal as received by Noel

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