Sunday 6 June 2021

Another 47 and 76GHz DATV Expedition to IO91GI

 Noel, G8GTZ had let me know that on June 3rd he was going portable on 47 and 76GHz to Combe Gibbet, to allow G1EHF to try out his 47GHz QRP system to work G4LDR/P and G8ACE/P (who I hadnt worked ) on narrowband so I decided to tag along

Two way qsos were had with G4LDR/P SSB (at Stockbridge IO91GC68, 26km) and G8ACE/P on both 47 and 76GHz. My signals on 47GHz were so loud with Neil that even a conductive plastic bag over my dish couldnt eliminate signals at his end! I used my Langstone as the IF, the spectrum view was very useful for finding signals. G1EHF had his first qso, all before lunch, so we retired to the pub for a drink

Noel and I decided to try 47GHz DATV, to convince him his system was working. Although I had brought the portsdown, i didnt think we would be doing any datv so I hadnt brought the USB lead for the minituner. Fortunately G1EHF had a spare which I could borrow. 

Noel went off to Stockbridge IO91 while I returned to Combe gibbet. The langstone spectrum view helped find Noels drifting signal and a two way qso was had 

Noels 76GHz signal over 26km

Noels signal on 47GHZ on DVB-T

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