Saturday 12 June 2021


Originally I ws not going to bother with this years contest, but after Noel said he was going to Dunkerry beacon there was a chance to set a few distance records if I went to Cleeve common, so i decided to venture out. 9 bands were packed (23cm, 13cm, 9 cm, 6cm,3cm 24GHz, 47GHz and 76GHz  and 2m FM). This number of bands would be quite challenging for the Portsdown software as it only has four transverter bands!

To get the best parking spot for the Dunkerry beacon path I went to Cleeve common early. Perhaps a bit too early considering the 1300 start time, but I used the time to go on an 8 mile discovery walk around the common

Two way TV QSOs were had with Noel on 23cm, 13cm, 9 cm, 6cm, 3cm and 24GHz. I briefly detected his signal on 47GHz but the river mist I saw on the path meant no two way qso. The only other station I heard on 2m talkback was G8GKQ but he was busy so I went home. Noel journeyed back to IO91GI overnight

5GHz and 10GHz point at IO81FD

The 23cm setup

On sunday morning I went early to cleeve common to try the path to IO91GI. I went man portable to the trig point and worked Noel on 24GHz at 0700z) but there were no signals either way on 47 GHz. I then retreated back to the car park and worked Noel on  13cm, 9 cm, 6cm, 3cm, By this time Cleeve Common was getting busy so I left and went to IO91BV.

Man Portable Sunday morning (note the shadow length!)

While at Notgrove my 7" display packed up (but not it;s touch screen!). With considerable effort (and Noels patience) we did manage qsos on 23cm, 13cm, 9 cm, 6cm,3cm and 24GHz

I was going to a third location to try it out, but with the failed display I didnt bother and went home. 

So I ended up with 16 QSOS, all working the same callsign! Activity was lower this year and being so far west denied me working the stations i worked when operating from walbury last year.

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