Sunday, October 21, 2012

28MHz QRSS 21 October

After seeing spots of my 28MHz WSPR signals into SE USA during Sunday morning:-, 

It seemed a good time to try QRSS DFCW on the band. Running just 300mW into the DX-EE I was received in Nova Scotia by VE1VDM in FN85 (4411km):-

I am the upper signal and am sending "G4FRE IO82" at this time (key to decode: upper frequency = dash lower frequency = dot and dash length=dot length)

I was also seen Florida by W4HBK in EM60 (7070km) :-

Again I am the upper signal. Signals were seen at W4HBK from 1305z when I started until  1745z when they faded out

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