Monday, October 1, 2012

K3 RS232 Band decoder

Having been disappointed with the ability of my K3 to readily provide outputs to switch VHF/UHF transverters I decided I needed a solution.

Initially I used some logic ICs to decode the band data on the rear panel ACC connector,  but having to reconfigure the interface every time I added or deleted a band was a right pain.  This was described at

Next I decided to use a PIC to do the decoding as it was easier to reprogramme a PIC chip than it was to redo the logic circuits. This decoded just 4 bands as it was intended for 4 bands HF, 6m, 2m and 70cm. This was described at

Next I designed a circuit to decode the RS232 signals also available from the back panel. This looks at the 38400 Baud RS232 data and provides a 1 of 8 band output and a corresponding 1 of 8 PTT signal. It was designed for the 8 bands 144,432,23cm, 13cm, 9cm, 6cm 3cm and 1.2cm. This was written up at . This worked fine for my station in the USA.  However I received a request to make it decode the 8 bands  4m, 2m 70cm, 23cm, 13cm, 9cm, 6cm and 3cm for use in the UK. So today I modified the code and tested it out and it works fine. This version is at

I also tested it out on my Elecraft KX3. It worked fine, all we need now is for Wayne to write the software to support transverter mode in the KX3

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