Saturday, 22 March 2014

Antique radio Auction in Garland

Last week I was alerted by Roger from NTMS to an antique radio auction taking place in Garland, TX on Mar 22. The lots were pictured online and there were a couple of interesting items to me so it was worth a visit.

Its a good job Roger was there to explain how it worked, as I was confused by the schedule " local auction starts 9am internet auction 10am" Was there more than one auction?  So I averaged the two and got there with coffee at 0930. He pointed out I needed to register to bid which I did. A floating auction was underway of various boxes of (unlisted) stuff on the floor. The internet auction of the published lots started at 1000 prompt with lot #200. There were lots of valved HP test gear, motors, valved test gear and a couple of train sets, model sailing ships and a 1950s toaster. I had to wait a bit for my 1st lot of interest #268 which was a huge 1920s variometer but upon examination it had pieces missing so I didnt bid (went for $5) The main item of interest was a BC306A variometer at lot #306 (over an hours wait) I had the variometer part but wanted a complete unit with ceramic switch. I got this after some competitive bidding for $35 (plus buyers premium+sales tax =$39.78).

I hung around till lot 409 an HRO1-10A receiver but that had some very serious bidding ending up at $75

The most expensive radio item was an Atwater Kent model 10 breadboard radio.

Second was a Japanese WW2 TX/RX that went for $500

(The ship went for $200)

When I got home I opened up the ATU. Sturdily built inside!

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