Sunday, 30 March 2014

Belton Hamfest

I havent been to the Belton Hamfest for 5 years so It would be Interesting to see any changes. Despite threats of 81F temperatures on Saturday It was very cold at 0645 when I set off from the hotel,  I can assure you. The location has been spruced up since the last visit but the hamfest still takes place in and around the drive in "barn" (The other half was being used for dressage lessons!)
Escorted by Roger N5PGH we found some interesting items. He bought an IC215 for (the FM cousin of the IC202) for $50 and a TS120V VFO for $20. I bought 50' of RG58 (for a 1296 preamp power cable) for $3, a 5A RF ammeter for $1 3/6/10dB mini circuits 1.5GHz attenuators at $2 and a 28V 52A PSU for $60. I had an interesting conversation with its seller about the 12V Power One power supply also on his table which was a relative of the one I was experimenting with last weekend.
I was looking for a butterfly capacitor to make a remotely tunable version of the Alexloop. The 1st flea market spot, I found one. A bit dirty but .04" plate spacing 2 x 220pF. When I asked the price the owner presented it to me.  "enjoy"! Such friendship!

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