Thursday 2 May 2013

Beaglebone black is here

As promised, I got an email from Mouser on May 1 saying the Beaglebone black board had been despatched. It arrived may 2 and looks nicely made, apart from the (yellow) RT1 component standing 12mm off the board with the resultant risk of shorting out on the ethernet connector

Following the instructions at I updated the software. Its slightly different from the rpi. You put an image on the microsdhc card, plug it into the BBB,  reboot it and it installs it onto the BBB (40 minutes). You remove the card, reboot and off you go. You dont need the card inserted to run the OS. It all came up nicely with the mouse and keyboard on the powered USB hub but connecting to the internet via the WNCE2001 access point or the wifi dongle from the RPI did not succeed after many attempts

Good job I had got all the previous experience editing /etc/Network/interfaces as I needed to edit eth0 to be dhcp. I needed that as clicking the box and the top right of the desktop that looks like an ethernet connector,  and checking the two ethernet ports (one for usb and one for the rj45) said they were already dhcp, but the ifconfig did not agree

Having connected to the internet I expected that like the RPI it would ntp to set the clock. NO it does not but i found at the way to set it up. I need to automate the process as it needs to be done every restart

I have noticed there is a UBUNTU image for the BBB which I want to have a try with as I have had more experience with that than the supplied BBB OS

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  1. yes i am using a powered 7 port usb hub to connect my keyboard. mouse, imic and wifi dongle to the BBB