Tuesday 28 May 2013

Holiday weekend Expedition Monday

Starting in Marshall, TX I could have driven straight up I20 to Dallas. This would be boring so I looked to see if there was a state park nearby, Searching the Internet I found Martin Creek lake state park. This lake was made to supply water to the Luminant 2.25GW power plant which can be seen on the West shore. The trains bringing Lignite from the local mine can be seen in the marshalling yard. Lots of boating and some nice woodland walks on the shore. Got to see some fish being caught and an intersting demonstration of how to get a boat out of the water and onto its trailer when you are out of fuel!

CQWWWPX had finished but i threw a wire into the trees and had a look around. 18MHz had the activity and P40A was worked and I had a rag chew with KS7D. I called GS4FOC many times. He got part of my call a few times but we never completed before he eventually faded out. Grid is EM22RG

Left the park at 1600, back in Plano by 1915, just in time for dinner

Statistics of the three day tour are interesting

860 miles driven cost $0.06 per mile
Cheapest gas Shreveport $3.19/gal dearest West OK $4.09/gal 
For 807 miles I saw no roadside starbucks (mckinney, TX to Terrell TX)!
22 Tortoise, 2 Racoons, 1 (live ) Armadillo, 1 roadrunner and a skunk were seen.

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  1. Excellent trip, Dave. Tortoises on the loose! I had no idea :-)