Monday 6 May 2013

Ubuntu on the Beaglebone Black (2)

Next I searched for a desktop. I spent 6 hours installing gnome-desktop. Upon reboot it showed promise, by showing a desktop screen but ignored the mouse and keyboard. So I rebooted and after the 3rd time I managed to get the mouse and keyboard working. I managed to add a new document to the desktop, but after much searching and experimentation I could not add any apps to the desktop, even they were on the machine.

Knowing that 13.04 was experimental, I decided to install 12.10 again  This took a while, as usual.  I then installed ubuntu-desktop and this showed the same results as installing it under 13.04

So I made another card with 12.10 and then searched for another desktop. I found one at the lxde desktop.  /bin/bash /boot/uboot/tools/ubuntu/ took the whole of the Anaheim v Detroit hockey NHL game to install. It did however end up with a desktop with mouse and keyboard. 

I installed wspr without incident, but the big issue was that the screen flickered any time the cpu had to do something AND the cpu usage hit 100% and stayed there. Obviously more work to do!

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  1. I had the same results after doing the same steps. I cannot seem to find the cause of the flickering, but it seems to happen no matter what desktop I try (and I tried several). I also tried both GDM and lightDM with the same results. The GDM + LXDE combination seems to produce the fewest bugs, however I still cannot get either Netbeans or Eclipse to start successfully with C++ tools (one causes a Java crash, and the other a JVM crash).