Friday 31 May 2013

Creating an Android App with the MIT appinventor

Next step to modifying the control app was to look at the MIT AppInventor. This tool is described at  To install the software on my winxp computer I followed the steps from

Having got it installed I decided to try the "HelloPurr" demo app at which makes a cat noise when the Nexus 7 screen is tapped.  All was well, following along with the directions until I tried sending the app to the tablet. Initially I tried using the apb method through the usb cable. The computer recognised the Tablet but I could never get the adbdevices command to show the device was other than offline.  I tried the wifi method but this was doomed if you have no control of the hotel router (I couldnt ping the android from the pc).

Looking around the tool, I noticed a "Package for the phone" "download to this computer" option which generated an .apk file, which by now I had learnt was the install file on an android. I also remembered that when I installed Google_Nexus_7_ToolKit v5.1.2 (needed to unlock the tablet so i could install non Google approved apps) It had an option to install an application from an .apk file through the USB cable. So I tried this method and the app installed.

For interesting reading material see the .pdfs at

Next task is to see if I can modify the control app!

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