Monday 20 May 2013

Working G100RSGB by 5760MHz EME

At the Martlesham Round Table it was announced that GB100RSGB would be activated over the weekend of May 18/19 on 5760MHz EME to coincide with the DUBUS 6cm EME contest. It would be nice to work the call, but now my USA EME station is dismantled it would be impossible. I mentioned the activity to K5GW and asked if I could operate his station to work them, Sure was the response, and if you want to operate the contest, as I don't do it,  you can see what else you can work.

Arriving at the site at 1400 local on the Saturday, the equipment was quickly activated.  The station runs 125W to a 6.9m dish. The TWT is located at the feedpoint so feeder loss is not an issue. No immediate sign of  G100RSGB but CQ calls produced a pileup.  GB100RSGB was worked at  1018z .A little later I was called by G4CCH which was a suprise as I did not know he was QRV on the band. G3LTF was the third English station worked. Activity went quiet at 2300z (1800 local) so the opportunity was taken to work on the Doppler tracking software for my KX3 while waiting for the VK/JA window to open. At around 0500z  (0000 local) three JA stations were work before the moon set. I got back home at 0300 local, having worked a total of 22 stations, all of them on CW. The only getaway was LX1DB.

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